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General English for Antonia

Check this post to find out the course dates, course plan and homework. We'll usually meet at 6:00pm on Thursdays.

I've created a list of popular conversation class topics that you might be interested in. Click on the links and choose the topics you want to discuss.

General English - click here

Business English - click here

Lesson 10 - Thursday 4th May

At the final lesson, we'll discuss the saxophone video or the drawing TED talk.

Lesson 9 - Thursday 20 April

In today's lesson you taught me the expression 'eat that frog' and I showed you how you can research words using Youglish or Skell. Tips on pronunciation included 'focus' and 'choir'. Also we say stressful in English (not stressig/ stressy).

Lesson 8 - Thursday 13 April

We had an interesting lesson talking about the Usain Bolt article, noticing the way he uses the third conditional. We also talked about using past simple with words such as yesterday and last Christmas. For our next lesson, you said you watch a TED talk - possibly the one by Ralph Ammer (How drawing makes you think) or How to Practise effectively by Annie Bosler and Don Greene.

Lesson 7 - Thursday 30 March

We looked at Destination - used to, be used to, used not to and more. Pronunciation included because, country, village and obvious.

Lesson 6 - Thursday 23 March

Read one of the articles before class. Practice the vocabulary you learned in lesson 5 such as initial, preliminary, submit, shortlist and more! We talked about the framing video and art exhibitions. Vocabulary included on loan, to go to great lengths, deep in thought and contemplation.

Lesson 5 - Thursday 16 March

Continue working in Destination. Please do unit 2 and, if you have time, the review of units 1 and 2. Can you also read this article about architect, David Chipperfield.

Lesson 4 - Thursday 9 March

Please do pages 8-9 in Destination before the lesson. In the lesson I'll ask you about the things we learned in lesson 3 such as the pronunciation of exaggeration and gestures. If you have time, please watch this video 'Dear Bradford'. I'd also like you to start listening to episodes of 6-minute English.

Lesson 3 - Thursday 23 February

For the next time I'd like you to watch a TED Talk video about giving presentations. See if you agree with the advice given. Can you also buy a copy of Destination B2 for the lessons.

Lesson 2 - 2 February

Please read this article about the construction of a new museum in Berlin which is proving to be quite controversial.

Lesson 1 - 26 January

We got to know each other and discussed the lessons and a course book. I'd like you to buy a copy of Destination so that you can do some grammar and vocabulary between lessons.

It's also a good idea to start reading some of the blog posts such as the ones on grammar, useful resources and learning tips.


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