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December's idioms and vocabulary

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Can you remember the idioms and vocabulary that we've discussed in class recently?

Here is a list of some of the idioms and other expressions we've talked about, together with lessons where they appeared. Sometimes they are in the original article, sometimes they just cropped up in our conversations. If you want to remember the idioms, you might have to find the original article where they appeared.

  • Cheek by jowl - this means when things are very close to each other, perhaps in a crowded way. See the Handel article.

  • If someone has itchy feet they like travelling. It turns out that Handel had itchy feet which took him from Germany to England.

  • If someone is 'at the helm' they are in control of something, for example a ship (literally) or a company (metaphorically). Again, this expression cropped up in the Handel article

  • After reading the Handel article we also talked about being tied up in a meeting and getting caught up in something.

  • To embrace something - from the Marcus Rashford book club article. As we discussed in class, embracing your boss is quite different to embracing your boss's new ideas.

To read more about idioms click here.

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