Cambridge Preliminary - exam preparation course

This is the blog post for the intensive exam preparation course for the Cambridge preliminary exam. It's where you will find all the information that you need about the course.

In class

As agreed we will focus on practising for the speaking test.

At home

  • Download and practice the free sample papers on the Cambridge website.

  • If you are doing the computer-based test, practice the sample version on the Cambridge website.

  • Practice all areas of the test, especially the parts that you find difficult. Make sure you practice in exam conditions.

  • Do not assume that the listening and reading parts will be easy. You should still practice them.

  • Try to do at least one or two mock exams. You'll need a whole morning to do a mock exam.

  • Read some of the blog posts, such as the ones on grammar and learning tips.


Click here to read the blog post with exam tips for the Cambridge Preliminary or try some of the resources below.


BBC podcasts

Australian radio ABC

US radio

TED Talks

Science videos such as this one on Kurzgesagt - make sure you watch the English language ones.

Language learning

A good English language dictionary such as the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

A good translation tool such as Deepl

Vocabulary lists organised by level from Oxford Learner's Dictionaries

Analyse your writing using English Profile Text Inspector or Write & Improve