Advanced English for Karin

Check this post to find out the course dates, course plan and homework. Look at the possible topics listed at the bottom of this page and choose the ones you are interested in. Try to read an article or watch a video before each class.

Lesson 4 - 1 July 3pm

Lesson 3 - 17 June 3pm

Conversation based lesson. Recommendation - look at the marking assessment guide and markers' comments for the Cambridge exams.

Lesson 2 - 14 June 2pm

More work on feedback including the worksheet. Recommendations - check the following words in a dictionary/ Skell - finally, eventually, redundant, these vs them, choirmaster. Be careful using 'daily business' consider 'day to day activities' instead.

Lesson 1 - 10 June 2pm

Lesson 1 - we talked about providing written feedback. Recommendations - Skell and the academic phrasebank. Consider buying Destination.

Possible topics

The following articles and videos might interest you, they are a selection of my favourite ones from conversation class.

Developing a growth mindset with Carol Dweck. Click here to watch it.

An article about idiomatic language in the New York Times and how challenging it can be for non-native speakers.

Making six huge frames for Titian's mythological paintings from the National Gallery. Click here to watch it. You can also follow art galleries on Instagram if you are interested in art.

NHS language use on an episode of Michael Rosen's Word of Mouth.

Footballer Marcus Rashford launches bookclub. Click here.

Handel: where to start with his music. Click here.

The hidden metaphors that shape our world. Click here.

Being male and on your phone are biggest dangers on Scottish mountains, says expert. Click here.

A steeplejack takes a break in midair – Daniel Meadows’ best photograph. Click here.

Any of the TED talks listed on the resources page.

It's also a good idea to start reading some of the blog posts such as the ones on grammar, useful resources and learning tips.